Wrap Up: August 2017

Even through my finals, in the first three weeks of August, I read 6 books. You would think as soon my exams were done I would read a lot more in the remaining days. The truth is I haven’t read a letter in the last 10 days of August. I was going through a very personal issue and nothing in my life was going according to plan. I didn’t read, or post anything on the interwebs. Life just doesn’t go as planned. But this month I am back in full swing and hoping to conquer more books from my TBR pile.
Regardless, let us take a look at all the books that I did manage to read in August 2017.

The first book I read this month was Sin (Vegas Night #1) by Emma Hart. Just like any other enemies to lovers romance, I enjoyed Damien and Dahlia’s story a lot. I absolutely loved Dahlia, her strength, her love for books and her intelligence. I love the ‘girl power’ vibes that we got from her character. Damien, on the other hand, is sexy a-hole who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And what he wants is Dahlia’s Bar that she inherited from her late father. Being the strong and feisty women that she is, Dahlia holds her own and does not give into Damien the way he expects her to.  Suddenly, Damien isn’t interested in taking over her bar anymore, all he wants is her. This book is a fun mixture of fun and sexiness all wrapped up into one lovely romance story that will make your heart melt and have you falling head over heels for Damien. 4/5 Stars

Erin Watt is a new author for me and I already read 4 books of theirs this month. The first book I read is When It’s Real. This was such a sweet and light-hearted read! I really enjoyed it. Oakley Ford is suddenly slacking when it comes to his talent. He hasn’t released an album in over a year and due to his outrageous behavior, the media is going crazy. Oak’s team finally intervenes and decides on assigning him the perfect fake girlfriend to show the world the bad boy has been tamed and he has settled. Vaughn is hard working and struggling to hold her family together, so when she is offered to play the part, she can’t refuse. Especially not when her family needs the money. Besides, what will some harmless flirting for the public eye do anyways? It’s not like they are going to fall in love… I had a goofy smile on my face long after I finished this book and Oak had me swooning and my heart fluttering. At the start of the novel, we see Oak as a typical rock star with ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-anything/anyone’ attitude. But as the story progresses we see a more tender and sweet Oak that will melt your heart. I loved the banter between them and their growing feelings for each other is so heartwarming to read! I absolutely adored this book. 4/5 stars. 

The third book in this list is The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely. Simon is hot, sexy and a successful businessman. He is the definition of ‘hot single dad’ and if you ask me to describe him in one single word, it is perfect! I always had a weakness for guys with kids and Simon is no exception. Abby is the sweet nanny to an adorable 5-year old Hayden and Simon is head over heels for her. We follow Abby and Simon as they try to resist giving into their temptation and work against all odds to make their new relationship work. I loved the writing (as always) and I loved the plot (it was very intriguing). I also loved the characters and the dynamic between them. It is a fun and heartfelt romance, a quick and lighthearted read. Lauren Blakely never disappoints.
3.5/5 stars

The last three books that I read this month is part of  The Royal Series by Erin Watt that I absolutely adored. I read each of the first three books in one sitting. The first book in the series is Paper Princess. We follow Ella Harper who is struggling to keep her life together after her mother passes away. Living in poverty, she works at a strip club to get her through school and life in general. All seems to go well until Callum Royal shows up and demands she come live with him. Thrown into the life of a Princess, Ella is not given the warmest of welcomes from the 5 Royal boys. Reed doesn’t want her here. He says she doesn’t belong amongst the lies and deceit. But that doesn’t make it any easier to resist his ever growing feelings for her. As I said before, I devoured the first three books which follow Ella and Reed’s story. The books that follow Paper Princess are Broken Prince and Twisted Palace5 stars to all of them! 

Well, there you go guys! That is the end of my August Wrap Up. I had a really good reading month and I am really happy that I could give good ratings to all of them!

Tell me what you read this month, I would love to know!

Until then keep reading and be awesome! xx

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