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August 22Back To School Freebie

As much as it pains me to say, it is officially back to school season. I know, no one wants to even think about summer being over, let alone thinking about starting school. All those beautiful days of sitting by the beach or pool, reading an amazing book the whole day are soon to be a distant memory for most of us. 
Being a student myself, I understand the pain of going back to school. All the boring assignments, quizzes, big boring textbooks. It takes away valuable reading time. I feel like the most common problem bookworms face going back to school is finding the time to read and therefore reducing their TBR pile. I would know because I’m one of those people. Which is why I have decided to come up with 10 tips to eradicate this problem as much as humanly possible. So here are my top 10 tips to get more reading done going back to school.
But to be completely honest, even if you are not going back to school and you are working now, you can apply most if not all of these tips as well!

1. Have a monthly TBR

I was always a mood reader so I never set a TBR pile for myself. But trust me guys, it is so useful. I highly recommend doing this if you are not already. This will save you so much time from having to figure out what to read next after you’ve completed another book. There were times when I would go days without reading just because I couldn’t decide on what to read next. By having a TBR pile, you’ll have a book ready to be read next and save a lot of time from your busy schedule and let you make progress in your reading.

2. Have a daily reading routine

If you don’t carve out reading time from your busy day, you’ll never get it done. Set yourself a reading goal each day. It could be to read one chapter a day, or a specific amount of pages. But most importantly you need to set your self a specific time each day where you do nothing but relax and curl up with your book. Let’s be honest, with all the stress from school, we all need a little down time. And it’s better to relax with a book rather than go on social media. Now when you want to do this is completely up to you. It could be an hour before bed. Or an hour after school. It doesn’t matter when you do it, what matters is that you do. The problem of not doing this is that you use that time to watch Netflix or Youtube instead. 

3. Set realistic goals

With that being said always set yourself with an attainable goal. Don’t make a list of 10 books to read in that month if you know that you’re going to have exams and a lot of due dates. Don’t set yourself to read 5 Chapters a day when you know you have other things on your agenda. Failing to keep an attainable goal will only make you discouraged to keep reading, not to mention put added pressure on you that you don’t need. Set yourself a goal that works for you and one that you are comfortable with.

4. Carry a book at all times

This should be a no brainer. You never know when you have extra 10 mins before class because your professor is running late. Or if you’re waiting in line in the cafeteria. The possibilities are endless and I would say it’s better to be prepared. It might be one or two pages or even just 5 mins. But those add up and before you know it, you’re halfway through! 

5. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are such a great invention! I was always apprehensive when it came to audiobooks, thinking I’ll zone out and have no clue what’s going on. A few days ago, I went for the kill and Oh. My. God! I could make mundane tasks ten times more interesting, not to mention, make better use of my time! Listen to a book while you are doing household chores. Or while working out. Trust me, just the thought that I’ll be able to listen to a book I’m really excited for if I go running, has made me more eager to! You could also listen to an audiobook while driving to school or work. I don’t drive, but my University is about an hour away from where I live. I can’t read while I am traveling which honestly sucks. Starting next semester, I will be listening to audiobooks while traveling to and from class. If you face the same problem as me, you should start doing it too!

6. Reading Challenges / Read-a-thons

If you are a competitive person, then you will absolutely love participating in these. There are so many challenges and Read-a-thons to choose from!! These are mostly hosted by Booktubers and Bloggers but you don’t have to be one to join in on the fun! For all sorts of reading challenges, go onto Pinterest and search them up!! From yearly ones to seasonal ones, you’ll find yourself spending hours selecting just one. Not only are these fun to do, they also give you a purpose and an incentive to read. Moreover, each of the read-a-thons and challenges has different rules, which make a serious dent in your books to read shelf!

7. Remove all distractions

As much as I love to read, I still find myself procrastinating while reading. Shocking, I know. Social Media and the interwebs as a whole is a very distracting invention. So I would suggest that if you really want to get some reading done, remove yourself from social media. When you sit down to read, put your phone and laptop away. If you are like me and you take notes while reading, don’t use your phone. Take notes the old fashioned way. Put pen to paper instead. If you read on your phone, put it on airplane mode. Another form of distraction is people. So, don’t sit down to read in a place where you know you’ll be interrupted by someone else. When you want to read, just read and nothing else.

8. Make reading important to you

It’s true. If reading is not a passion that you have, try as you might you won’t be able to get a lot of reading done. You have to give it equal importance and interest. Make it something you want to do, not something you have to. Don’t treat it like a chore. When you give reading importance, you’ll find yourself picking up a book whenever you have the tiniest bit of free time.

9. Do NOT force yourself to read

I know, I said all these things about reading whenever you can and having a set schedule to read. But these are just some guidelines to help you. Read when you want to and if you want to. If you don’t feel like reading one day and you want to do something else, go ahead do that. You have no one to be accountable for. Remember, it’s not homework and it’s not a chore. So don’t treat it like one.

10. Have fun!

I can’t stress this enough. Read because you want to and because you love reading. Read because you enjoy it. Don’t read because someone else expects you to. Moreover, read whatever you want to. Whatever genre that you find interest in, read that! If you really like Sci-Fi, don’t force yourself to read Classics if you don’t want to. I feel like reading is a very personal thing, and you shouldn’t have to read anything you don’t want to. Everyone has different tastes and opinion and that’s completely okay! Read what you want to, when you want to and because you love it. Read for fun! You do you.

I really hope you guys liked these tips and that they help you out. If you try any of these out let me know in the comments down below. Tell me which one is your favorite and if I miss any tip out, let me know!

Until next time, keep reading and be awesome! xx

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  1. I need to listen to these tips… Right now I'm just getting back into the grove of having to find time to read around school. I've made a mental note to carry a book around with me everywhere and to listen to audiobooks but we'll see how that goes!

  2. I wish you all the best Elise! And I hope my tips help you out even a little bit. Let me know how it goes!

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