Top Ten Tuesday: Book recommendations for people who don’t normally read NA

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is:

August 15:  Ten book recommendations for ______________: (Skies the limit here…examples: for Hufflepuffs, for fans of Game of Thrones, for people who don’t normally read YA, for animal lovers, for video game lovers, etc

There were times where I was at a loss of what to read and I would search up New Adult recommendations on YouTube and more often than not, all the search results conjured up YouTubers recommending the same popular books in the New Adult genre. So, stating the obvious, I already read those books. Thus, when I saw this topic for this week, it gave me the perfect opportunity for me to help out you guys who are maybe looking for something to read in this genre but not sure what. I carefully picked out from some of my favorite books that are perfect to enhance your love for NA. I tried to list books that are not your typical romance plot, where damaged boy meets perfect girl and becomes better for her etc. etc. 
So without further ado, here are my top ten book recommendations for people who normally don’t read new adult.
Easy by Tammara Webber was one of the first books that I’ve read when I first started reading so I thought this book was the perfect book to start off this list with. Jacqueline gets dumped, is abandoned by her friends and just realized that she’s failing a class all within the first two months of Sophmore year in University. As if she already didn’t have a lot on her plate, she gets assaulted while leaving a party alone. Lucas, being at the right place at the right time, saves her and her friends deem him to be her perfect rebound. But Lucas has secrets of his own. And as Jacqueline is in growing danger, she must decide whether to fight back or give up.
Wait for You by J. Lynn. This is an author most YA readers will recognize, as she writes YA novels as Jennifer L. Armentrout. Her most popular series is the Lux Series. In this book, we follow 19-year-old Avery who believes that moving a thousand miles away to attend college is the only way she to silence her past and forget the night that changed everything. Now, being focused on building her life, she certainly doesn’t have time for the irresistible and swoon-worthy hotness that is Cameron. Try as she might, but she can’t seem to stay away. Soon enough, she has bigger things to worry about when she starts receiving threatening phone calls and emails. The past won’t let go of her that easily, but when the truth comes out, will Cam stay and help her?
The next book, Faking It by Cora Cormack, is one exciting and fun read and trust me, this author will be bumped up in your ‘insta buy authors’ list. Mackenzie, with her tattoos, dyed hair, and piercings, is surprised by her parents who unexpectedly comes to town for a visit, hoping to meet her nice and wholesome boyfriend. Definitely not the guy called Mace that plays in a band and has a neck tattoo. She then meets Cade and approaches him with her crazy request to pretend to be her boyfriend. But faking can go so far before it starts to feel real. 
Burying Water by K.A. Tucker is another intriguing read that will have you hooked from the very first page. Despite all odds, she survives and awakens with no memory of what happened and who she is. Renaming herself Water, she slowly works to build her new life. But as she tries to get her memory back, she starts questioning more and finds her neighbor strangely familiar. Jesse, on the other hand, believes water is safer and happier without her memory of what happened. But the reality could be buried for so long before it floods. 
Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino is a friends-to-lovers, second chance romance and I freaking loved it! This is a captivating story with effortless writing that will move you from the core. One afternoon, as Matt stood on the subway platform, he spotted Grace boarding the train. The gates to the train close right as they lock eyes. They haven’t seen each other in 15 years and Matt is frustrated. Taking up the advice from a friend, he puts an ad on Missed Connections hoping to get a hold of grace. Oh, my gosh guys. I’m not going to go into any further details but this is where the story unfolds and omg you are going to love it. I’m a huge sucker for second chance romance and especially friends to lovers. Seriously guys, go read this!
Get ready guys because Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan is a romance unlike any you’ve ever read before (or will read in the future) with a plot twist you won’t see coming. While I was reading this book my heart was in my throat and I was left speechless. I don’t really want to tell you much about this book because I feel this is best read without knowing anything about it but the blurb. This is such a haunting and emotional love story about two broken and lost souls finding each other to become whole. 
Withering Hope by Layla Hagen is another book that broke me. This book is about survival and finding love and hope in the most unexpected times and places. While traveling to her dream wedding, where her fiance is waiting, Aimee finds herself in the heart of Amazon forests when the private jet defects mid-flight and the pilot – Tristan – is forced to take an emergency landing. With desperation replacing hope, Aimee and Tristan fight for survival and grow closer. Despite her efforts, Aimee can’t hide her feelings and Tristan can’t deny his need for her. This is honestly such a beautiful story and my heart still ached for both Tristan and Aimee months after I finished the book. 
Love My Way by Kate Sterritt is a very recent read of mine and this book brought tears to my eyes and had me choked up with emotions. Yes, when you read the blurb you will see that there are two guys involved with the same girl but this is not a love triangle or a menage of some sort. I do plan on writing a full review on this and the only reason I haven’t done so so far is that I honestly don’t think I can do this book any justice. So naturally, I’m not going to say much about this book either. (Sorry, please don’t hate me!!)
Thoughtless by S. C. Stephens was actually the first NA book I read. This book is what started my undying love for New Adult Romance and needless to say this book is near and dear to my heart. I will admit though that there are a lot of mixed reviews for this book. Some people love it as much as I do (which is a lot) and some hate it something fierce (which is also a lot). But before you let all those negative reviews sway you, I want you to give this book a chance and not judge it. I am completely obsessed with this series and am still a big fan of Kellan Kyle. 
Last but not least, I want to end this post with Wallbanger by Alice Clayton. This book is as swoon-worthy and as funny as they come. The witty banter between the two characters was absolutely spot on! And not to mention Clive! Best. Cat. Ever. A successful interior designer, Caroline moves into her new apartment just to discover her new neighbor’s nightly routine. With paper thin walls separating them, she could hear every nitty-gritty detail of Simon’s sexcapades. This book is silly, swoon-worthy hot and hilarious! If this doesn’t make you fall in love with the new adult genre, I don’t know what will.
Anyways, I hope you check these books out and find something you like. If you do, let me know in the comments down below what you thought. 
Do you like the new adult genre? If you have any recommendations of your own, feel free to drop it in the comments down below! I would love that!
Until next time! Keep reading and be awesome! xx

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