Top 5 Best Friends to Lovers romance novels

There is nothing I love more than reading about best friends falling in love with each other. A friendship adds so much more to love. It strengthens the connection between two lovers and creates an unbreakable bond.
So, in celebration of this friendship day, I have selected some of my favorite best friends to lovers romance novels. 
All of the books I’ve chosen are packed with emotion and will have you sitting at the edge of your seat the whole way through. Even after all these years, these books still hold a special place in my heart. These books are the unique heartfelt romances that stay with you till the end of time.

Anyone who knows me knows very well that I won’t start this post without mentioning one of my favorite series of all time. The Addicted Series by KB Ritchie was so awesomely unique. It isn’t a typical love story. We follow Lily and Loren, two addicts, who are faking a relationship in front of their families while feeding to each other’s addictions. One is addicted to sex, the other is addicted to alcohol. They both go through a lot together and in the midst of dealing with their own addictions, they fail to realize their ever growing feelings for one another. Not only did I enjoy the plot and reading about them working through everything, I also loved all the side characters introduced throughout the whole series. Therefore, as an additional recommendation, I suggest you pick up the spin-off series The Calloway Sisters after you’re done with this series.

The next book I want to mention is also a book that I recently read and reviewed on my blog. So you can click here to check out the post. A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole is another one of those heart-wrenching romances that make your heart cry out for the characters. Their love and friendship are beautiful, raw and real. The emotions come pouring out of the pages and tug at your heart strings. Take my word for it and pick this book up blind and without any spoilers. It’ll make the reading experience way better. A Thousand Boy Kisses is a tearjerker romance that will make you see life and love in a whole different light. 
The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar is another book that will blow your mind. Even though this book had a lot of dark and intense scenes, it’s one of the most beautiful romance stories you’ll ever read. This beautifully written book is more than just a love story, it’s about family and revenge. The characters, I cried for them, I hurt for them, I felt their pain deep in my heart. There is no love triangle or cheating or any tragedy and it is a happily ever after. So there is nothing to worry about. Just dive into this story without knowing anything other than the blurb. Have patience and faith in this story. You are going to love this book, I promise. 

Another heartbreaking love story is Never Let You Go by Katy Regnery. In this Hansel and Gretel retelling, we follow Holden and Griselda, two foster siblings who got abducted by an insane man. Together they went through struggles that no kid should ever have to encounter until they tried to escape and only one was successful. This book had me captivated and there were so much tension and angst! With the author’s brilliant writing and the unforgettable plot in this story, Never Let You Go is an epic and very emotional read. I seriously loved this book with every inch of my being. This was a remarkable story and I highly recommend it!! (This is a standalone novel, completely on its own, in the Modern Fairytale series by Katy Regnery.)
The last book I want to mention is the first part in a two part Sign Of Love series by Mia Sheridan. Becoming Calder introduces us to a whole new world where there is no electricity and no plumbing. Dreams and ambitions are frowned upon and there is no such thing as expressing oneself and wanting more. Reading about Calder and Eden’s forbidden friendship, and more importantly, their forbidden love will absolutely melt your heart. Calder is strong and faithful to his family and while he has never seen the outside world, he starts dreaming of a life there. Eden is said to be the chosen one for the leader, when she is of age, in this place where no modern conveniences exist. Eden was never to be his, and Calder was never supposed to be hers. But that doesn’t stop them from having stolen glances, secret kisses and strong feelings for each other. They share a love that is so strong that it gives them the courage to fight for the freedom and life they want despite the unknown. It is absolutely beautiful.

I know, I know. I keep saying the same thing for all the books on this list. About how incredibly unique the plot is and this story will stay with you forever and you’ll never forget it. While I may sound like a parrot or a broken record stuck on repeat, I do mean it. All of these novels are very dear to my heart and I love them all. Therefore, I highly recommend it to you guys. Give these a read and let me know what you thought of them.

Have you read any one of these books before? If you have, leave me a comment about what you thought of it. Happy friendship day guys (although a bit belated, sorry about that) and I’ll see you guys soon!! xx

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