His Distraction (X Enterprises Book One) by Tanya Gallagher

His Distraction is a beautiful story about love and friendship in a unique setting! I love how Tanya incorporates such a taboo subject in a very casual and relatable way. Just as the previous book that I have read of hers, her newest book embraces the sex toy industry and removes any disgrace regarding the usage of them.

New Release: Cheat Codes by Emily Goodwin

This is my first book by Emily Goodwin, and I can confidently say that I am already hooked. She has a way of writing that is just so easy and enjoyable to read. Coupled that with the intriguing plot she has going on in this book, rest assured I was literally inhaling Archer and Quinn’s story and finished it within a few hours. This is one of those books that has you glued down to your seat and read while forgetting the rest of the world exists.