His Distraction (X Enterprises Book One) by Tanya Gallagher

His Distraction is a beautiful story about love and friendship in a unique setting!

I love how Tanya incorporates such a taboo subject in a very casual and relatable way. Just as the previous book that I have read of hers, her newest book embraces the sex toy industry and removes any disgrace regarding the usage of them.

The story itself is an office romance between the CEO of the most prestigious sex toy company and the temp that was hired. The two couldn’t be more different. Where Vanessa is a kind-hearted soul, who is ready to put everyone’s need before her own, but confident enough to put someone in their place when needed!

Tanya does not disappoint with our cocky hero! He is the true definition of a corporate asshole, and I loved every second of it! The hot cocky boss really won me over with time despite how big of a jerk he was initially! Nevertheless, he proved his worth with how smitten and head over heels he became for Vanessa. He truly warmed my heart.

As always, the writing was phenomenal and enjoying to read. She has a real talent for incorporating unusual settings and turning it into a heartwarming and enjoyable read!


4/5 Stars


ARC voluntarily received in exchange for an honest review.

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