Blog Tour: Piece of Work by Staci Hart

Piece of Work, an all-new sexy and hilarious romance from Staci Hart, is available NOW!
Piece of Work is about two polar opposites, connected through their shared love and passion for art. But the author made this novel more than just a romance novel. Self-discovery and accepting the fact that all you need is yourself to be happy, plays a vital role throughout this novel which I really enjoyed.

Blog Tour: The Hardest Fall by Ella Maise

Honestly, The Hardest Fall is perfection! Imagine a slow burn, friends to lover’s romance, with a mysterious twist, and hilariously awkward moments, set in college and what you get is this amazing book by Ella Maise! This book is full of fun and swoon-worthy moments, making it addicting and hard to put down.

Blog Tour: Needing Him (Bishop Brothers #2) by Kennedy Fox 

When it comes to this duo, the books just keep getting better and better! Just like the first book in the series, the second book, Needing Him, did not disappoint at all. It was fast-paced and sexy, with never a dull moment! I’ve only read three books so far written by Kennedy Fox, and I can assure you, all their future works are already in my default TBR!

Blog Tour: The Real by Kate Stewart

The Real by Kate Stewart was just something else. Something I can’t string enough coherent words to describe properly. With a swoon-worthy hero and a quirky heroine, this novel will give you all the feels, have butterflies reside in your stomach and a fuzzy warmth cover you from head to toe.

ARC Review: This Time Around by Stacey Lynn

This Time Around by Stacey Lynn is an emotional, yet extremely heartwarming love story between two broken souls. I was initially really looking forward to this read just from reading the blurb alone, but I liked it a lot more than I first thought I would.

Book Review: Only You by Melanie Harlow

Only You by Melanie Harlow is one of those feel-good romances that are so sweet and swoon-worthy, that you can’t help but love with every single fiber of your being. I absolutely loved, loved, LOVED, Emme and Nate’s story. It was not only beautiful but so romantic and soo freaking sexy.