Book Review: Your Rhythm (Sherbrooke Station #1) by Katia Rose


Your Rhythm

(Sherbrooke Station, #1)
By Katia Rose

You know what they say: save a snare, bang a drummer.

Kay Fischer is well aware of what they say, and she intends to ignore it completely.

After her first step into the world of music journalism ended with a screw-up so royal it deserved a crown, Kay’s been struggling to re-stack the building blocks of her career. Salvation comes in the form of Sherbrooke Station, the latest alt-rock craze to grace Montreal’s legendary music scene.

A front-page feature on the band everyone’s talking about seems like a foolproof shot at success, even after Kay meets their drummer. Matt Pearson might have a smile sexy enough to be the eighth deadly sin and a passion for music so powerful it makes her heartache, but Kay’s got things under control.

She’s a professional, goddammit, and a professional would not get tongue-tied over a source, even a source who’s a six-foot, tattooed rock god with an affinity for tight jeans.

A professional would not find herself opening her door at an hour long past midnight to pull said source inside and lead him to her bed.

No, that’s not at all what a professional would do.

My thoughts

Your Rhythm was a huge surprise to me, to say the least, and I will be honest, it was not what I was expecting. What I thought was going to be a typical rock star romance stemming from a one night stand, this new release by Katia Rose was definitely a pleasant surprise and it completely blew me away.

Your Rhythm is the first book in the Sherbrooke Station series, following a band of four unlikely guys who are more like brothers than anything else. This particular book follows the drummer, Matt, who seems to be the most sensible and level-headed member, who is loyal to a fault. He shows an instant attraction to their journalist, Kay and wants her not only in his bed but to be a permanent resident in his life as well.

After a bad breakup and getting fired from her last job, Kay is trying to build her career back up and doesn’t have the time for a serious relationship despite the obvious chemistry between the sexy drummer and the journalist. But as the small newspaper she works on makes her cover more stories on the band, she is bound to spend time with them and gets closer to breaking her rules.

I loved both the characters on their own and together. Kay is independent and does not rely on anyone, especially after what happened in her past. The sexy drummer was sweet, charming, and so down to earth about his music and the emotions it provokes. His passion for music and wanting to make a difference in people’s lives through it is heartwarming to read.

Other than the characters, I really did love the plot. It was angsty and intriguing that kept me engaged throughout the book.

I believe any rockstar romance fan would really enjoy Matt and Kay’s story and appreciate the intriguing plot line that is unlike any other! I cannot wait to see what more Katia Rose has in store for us for Sherbrooke Station.
4.5/5 stars

“You and me, right?” he murmurs. I close my eyes and nod. “You and me.”

** ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and fair review.**

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