Book Review: Unruly (Cross + Catherine, #3) by Bethany-Kris

UNRULY, A Legacy Novel

by Bethany-Kris

Cross + Catherine, #3

Publication Date: December 4, 2017

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Organized Crime, Mafia, Romance




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The crime boss.

The hustling queen.

Cross and Catherine Donati have been married five years, but the life they’ve chosen still has things to teach them yet. One can never become too comfortable in their business. Trouble soon follows.

The principe and principessa are all grown up …

It’s tough being at the top. When all Cross wants is to slow down the world, reality has a way of speeding it back up. Just when Catherine thinks she’s learned everything her mother has to teach, more lessons come her way.

A king and queen must protect their thrones …

This is their life.

This is their love.



And unruly.


My Review

It is no secret how much I freaking love this series, but every time I think the following book can’t be any better, Bethany-Kris knocks my socks off with the final book in the Cross+Catherine series, Unruly.

To me, this book was the perfect way to end the series, although that doesn’t mean that it didn’t leave me wanting more.

Both Cross and Catherine are now better versions of the characters we already fell in love with when they were just in their teenage years. The character development throughout the whole trilogy is amazing and it is one thing that I love so much about this series.

Cross and Cece melted my heart. With Cross’ selfless love, protectiveness, and loyalty, I always knew he would make a great father. And I couldn’t be more right. Cece has her daddy wrapped around her pinky finger and honestly, her presence made the concluding book that much better. I loved how much of both Cross and Catherine is in Cece because she reminds so much of our favorite main characters in the first book.

Just like in the previous two books, the love, mafia suspense, and the witty banter between the two, the things that made this series what it is, was everything I wanted and more.

I seriously cannot express my love for Cross+Catherine and my new found love for Bethany-Kris’ writing. Looking forward to reading more of her work, especially in this world. I just finished the series and I am already wanting to reread it, it’s that good! Highly recommended, go check it out!

5 Stars.

**ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review**


REVERE, A Legacy Novel

by Bethany-Kris

Cross + Catherine, #2

Publication Date: November 6, 2017

Genres: Adult, Adult, Contemporary Romance, Mafia


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A Legacy Novel

She was once his liar.

He was once her savior.

Cross Donati fills his days with the mafia, family, and responsibility. The wild boy is a distant memory. A waiting prince now sits in his place. An old debt puts the gunrunner right back into the path of his past, but he only sees his future.

Every king needs a queen.

Catherine Marcello learned how to stand on her own, and she no longer needs saving. The sly girl is far more dangerous now. A broken promise taught her how to live again. One conversation puts the hustler face to face with her first love, but she only sees heartache.

Every God needs a prayer.

The scars of their history runs deep. Every lie told, and each secret spilled hurts a little bit more.

Love does not care.

Love will not wait.

So, why does life keep standing in the way?


Revere is A Legacy Novel. While it can be read as a follow up to Always, it can also be read as a standalone novel.


ALWAYS, A Legacy Novel

by Bethany-Kris

Cross + Catherine, #1

Publication Date: October 2, 2017

Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Coming of Age, Mafia


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A Legacy Novel

A wild boy.

A sly girl.

Cross Donati defines trouble. He does what he wants because he’s never known anything different. He’s unapologetic, and he owns it.

Catherine Marcello is every bit a good girl … on the outside. Her entire world is a legacy, and she lives it. She’s curious, and she’s exploring it.

She chases bad things.

He never learned to be good.

They’re late nights, stolen cars, first times, fist fights, leather jackets, beaches, bloody smiles, and life.

They’re vicious and precious, dangerous and harmless, innocence and sin. They are love.

Love is killing for someone.

Love is living for someone.

Sometimes, you can’t keep saving your heart when it means sacrificing it, too.

Sometimes, you have to learn to save yourself.

Sometimes, love has to fall, crash, and burn.

This is what love is like when you’re a principe and principessa della mafia.

This is what love is like when you’re Cross Donati and Catherine Marcello.


Always is a Legacy Novel, and while it is standalone, it can also act as a prequel for Revere. Each Legacy Novel stands alone from any other book, series, or collection.



Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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