Book Review: The Mafia And His Angel Part 1 (Tainted Hearts #1) by Lylah James

I wasn’t expecting this book to ruin me as much as it did. I was recommended this book by a friend of mine and at the time I honestly didn’t think much of it and vowed to read it closer to the release of the second book. But when I started reading it? I couldn’t stop. 
Now I am absolutely obsessed with this series so far and I have no complaints.

Ayla is the only daughter of an Italian mob boss who promised her to his second in command while she was still a child. The man who was supposed to love and cherish him till his last breath became her worst nightmare. Not being able to take it anymore, she ran away. Not that it was easy. She was bloodied and bruised, running from his men until she was able to hide in a stranger’s car.
Little did she know that she ran away from one enemy to another.

Alessio’s only reason to live is to get revenge on the Abandonatos for the death of his mother. He is ruthless and doesn’t have a single bone of mercy on his body. So imagine his surprise when he finds a beaten up girl under his bed and finds that he just can’t let her go. Even though he knows she is lying about her true identity, he offers her a place to stay at his estate and a job as a maid. He tells himself that it’s only to figure out who she really is and if she’s a traitor, but only because he is afraid to admit that he feels something for her. Love is a weakness and he can’t afford that.
Ayla finds a new home and a new family in Alessio’s home. I just adore the friendship between Maddie and Ayla, as well as the relationship she developed with Lena. All of the side characters in this book are lovable. I admire the brotherhood amongst Alessio and his men and how loyal they are towards one another. 
You also get to glimpses of the lives of the side characters and read from their perspective which makes the overall reading experience that much better.

I absolutely freaking loved this book a lot and I am ecstatic to continue on with the series. The Mafia And His Angel Part 1 by Lylah James is an unputdownable dark romance with a beautiful yet unexpected friendship that blossoms between the troubled main characters. 
Will they be able to get over their haunted past and see where their love takes them?
5 Stars

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