Book Review: Sin (Vegas Nights #1) by Emma Hart

Just like any other hate-to-love romance. Emma Hart’s newest novel Sin, the first book in the series Vegas Nights, had me hooked right from the start. With its book themed bar and single-minded characters, this new release is definitely one of my favorite reads of 2017. 

It was time for me to pull up my big girl panties—but not too far, given that I was wearing a thong—and get the hell on with it.

After 3 months of grieving the death of her father, Dahlia is back to handle the business that she inherited. She comes back only to find the cocky a-hole, Damien Fox, is hell bent on buying her business. If Damien thinks Dahlia is going to surrender so easily, then he has another thing coming. Dahlia holds her own, not giving up and not surrendering no matter how much she is expected to. Not long after he realizes just how much he underestimated her. Suddenly, Damien loses all interest in her business and is enamored by Dahlia herself. They are more similar than they realize and neither can help but give into their attraction for each other. 

We were two broken hearts. We’d collided somehow, someplace, somewhere. We made sense.

I loved Dahlia. I think she is hands down one of my favorite heroines. She is strong, intelligent and feisty. The best part? She is obsessed with books and owns a book themed bar. I mean, goals right? She is witty, firing comebacks, equally as cocky and full of sass just as she received them. Their hot and sexy banter is to die for!

Damien, on the other hand, is arrogant and relentless. When he says he wants Dahlia, he will stop at nothing to get her. But Damien is more than what meets the eye. He is hurt and angry, and with his family tragedy bearing down on his shoulders, he deals with a lot of guilt too. Peeling off all the layers, we find a Damien that is sweet and adorable, who will melt your heart.

“One day,” I said in a low voice, holding her harsh gaze. “One day, you’ll have dinner with me, Dahlia. Just like one day, I’ll own this bar. One day, you’ll be on your back, my handprint on your ass, and my cock buried right inside you.”

Suffice to say, I absolutely loved this book and it’s not only because of the main characters and the intriguing plot. As obvious as it is, I loved the idea of a book themed bar. The build up of their relationship? It was perfection. All the heat and chemistry bubbling beneath the surface just waiting to explode. It was impeccably done. The great supporting characters is another thing worth mentioning and one that I really appreciated. I also loved the introduction of Perrie Fox (Damien’s sister) and can’t wait to get my hands on the second book in this series, Lust.
Oh! And Damien reading her smut?! *Swoon*

While fun and steamy, this enemy to lovers romance is surprisingly very sweet and romantic. I have no doubt that this heart touching and swoon worthy novel will quickly become one of your favorite novels read this year too. I highly recommend it. 
4.5 stars.

He was Heaven and Hell and all the sins in between. This kiss wasn’t just a sin, and neither was he. It was the sin. He was the ultimate sin.

**Every book from the Vegas Nights series is a standalone novel.

Have you read this book? If you did, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until then, keep reading and be awesome! xx

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