Book Review: Royally Screwed (Royally, #1) by Emma Chase

“I don’t need a kingdom—if you’re beside me, I already have the whole world.”

Want to read a fairytale romance with a swoon-worthy prince and a sassy girl who smacks his face with a pie? Royally Screwed by Emma Chase is exactly that and so much more!

Olivia Hammond is in charge of running her family’s business after her mother passes away and she loses her father to his own grief. Her days are long, starting early and ending well into the night. Being the eldest and bearing all the responsibility on her shoulders, she gives up a lot in life for her family. Trying to hold her family together and to keep a roof over their heads, she doesn’t have time to date or to pursue any of her own dreams.

“The urge to wrap my arms around her and promise that everything will be all right. I don’t think she has anyone in her life who does that for her.”

Nicholas Pembrook is the to-be King of Wessco and it’s well about time he takes his role seriously. As per the Queen’s order, he must visit New York to bring his brother home and marry one of the women the Queen has chosen for him within the next 5 months.
Deciding that he will live his last few months of freedom to the fullest, he flies to New York in search of his brother. Where he gets smacked in the face with a pie after propositioning Olivia…

“Five thousand dollars? For a kiss?”
 “That’s what I said.”
 “With tongue?”
 “It’s not really a kiss without it.
Just say yes, pet. You obviously need the money.”
 I gasp before I can stop myself. I didn’t think five words from a stranger could hurt so much. What a dick.
 “For fuck’s sake, Nicholas,” Simon says.
 But he just looks at me, waiting, those arrogant green eyes alight with anticipation. So I give him what he’s waiting for.
 “Hands under the table,” I order.
 He smiles wider, puts his flask in his pocket, and does what he’s told.
 “Close your eyes.”
 “I like a woman who’s not afraid to take charge.”
 “No more talking.” He’s said more than enough.
 I lean in, keeping my eyes open the whole time, memorizing every angle of that face, feeling his warm breath against my cheek. This close, I can see the shadow of stubble on his chin and for just a second, I let myself wonder what it would feel like scratching against my stomach, my thighs—everywhere.
 Then in one move, I pick up his plate—and smash the apple pie in his stupid, handsome face.
 “Kiss this, asshole.”

He can’t seem to stay away. And with their undeniable attraction for one another, they decide to make the best of what time they have left and be together.
Too soon, Olivia realizes that dating a prince isn’t as easy as one would think and falling for one is much much harder.

While Nicholas was sweet and caring, there were times I felt like smacking him in the head myself. Olivia, on the other hand, I loved to death. She is independent and selfless, exhausting herself day in and day out, just so that her family has a roof over their head and food in their stomach. I love her quirky humor and sassy mouth.

My favorite part has to be the one where Nicholas brought the 30 orphans to the cafe and gave them the treats!!!!! *heart explodes with feels*

“I love you, Olivia. I love you. And I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know how to let you go.”

I am a HUGE fan of Emma Chase. Her writing is witty and fun, making all her books that I’ve read a breeze to go through. This book was no different. She never fails to nail a plot in any of her novels and her characters are simply perfect!

She shakes my hand in a friendly grip. 
“Lovely to meet you, sweets. Tell me, are you a virgin?”
Nicholas groans. “Ezzy.” 
“What? I’m just making conversation.” She elbows him. “If you want a shot at this sorry sack, the V-card has to be in pristine condition. Is it, Olivia?” 
I stand up tall. “Does anal count? If it does, I qualify.” 
Esmerelda’s red lips open wide in a contagious laugh. “I like this one, Nicky.”

A beautiful and heartwarming romance, Royally Screwed by Emma Chase will bring your childhood fairytale dreams come true.
Highly recommended series, can standalone. 4.5 Stars.

Until then, keep reading and be awesome! xx

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