Book Review: Pound Of Flesh by Sophie Jackson

WOW! Just WOW! If you love a forbidden romance with a hot tattooed hero, then this is the book for you!

I will be honest with you and say that I initially did not think much of the book. I saw a lot of good reviews about it and some of the biggest book bloggers were completely raving about it. But most importantly, I was lost as to which book to read next. So I thought I would give this a try and OH BOY! I am so glad that I did.

A Pound Of Flesh written by Sophie Jackson is one refreshing read. The plot line, the characters, the drama, they were all spot on and totally reasonable. 

The book was sexy, captivating and addictive all wrapped up into one delicious swoon-worthy bundle!

The story begins as we meet 27 year old Wesley James Carter, a delicious tattooed bad boy who finds himself doing time yet again. But not many know that this time he is being accused for a crime he did not in fact commit. To get out of jail he has to take a class and being expelled from every single one he has no other choice but to join Eng Lit. And that’s where we meet Miss Lane.

“She’s my Peaches.”

After yet another episode in the classroom, Katherine Lane, who has been intrigued by her dark and mysterious student from the very beginning, offers to have one on one sessions with Carter in order to help him get an early release.

“And why should I be scared of you?” Carter moved forward in his seat, releasing the smoke down his nose so it parted temptingly when it hit his top lip. “You should be scared, Peaches,” he murmured. “I’ve done things that would make your pretty little head spin, and, you being this close”—he gestured with his chin between them—“well, let’s just say”—his eyes met hers—“it just makes me want to be bad all over again.”


And as they spend more time during the sessions after Carter’s release, no longer under the scrutiny of guards and cameras, they cannot deny their growing feelings for each other.

Reading further into the story, as they get along we start to see past all the cocky, arrogant exterior and meet this new side of Carter that allows him to bury himself deep into our hearts and lock him there. Needless to say there is always more than what meets the eye.

“Is everything all right, Miss Lane?”
The two of them startled at Mrs. Latham’s voice. Carter blinked, realizing how close they’d been standing to each other.
“Yes, I’m fine,” Peaches replied to the old woman, who was eyeing Carter. He smirked.
“I heard a scream.” She adjusted her glasses.
“Yeah,” Carter interrupted. “That was me. I saw a spider. Fucking huge. I’m terrified of them. Kat saved me.”
He flashed her his trademark smile to seal the deal.

This book not only had my heart racing but laughing and smiling, even breaking my heart at some points.
And not only that but I have undoubtedly acquired a new book boyfriend! See the reason for yourself.

He wanted to give her everything, anything. Fuck, he already had. He knew in his heart that she owned him.

What?!? That isn’t enough of a reason for you? Okay, no worries…

“I want you,” His teeth grazed her sternum. “I’ve always wanted you.” My whole life.

Or this?

“We’re meant to be this way. Do you not feel that?” “Kat,” he said incredulously, kissing the tip of her shoulder, “I felt it from the moment you found me again.” She cupped his face. “So don’t be afraid,” she insisted. “Just be with me.” And they kissed. And Carter lost himself to her. Every. Single. Fucking. Part

Still don’t agree?

“Peaches, I don’t want it.” He pushed his face into her neck, smelling her peach-scented hair, and bit her skin, making her gasp. He sucked her earlobe. “Jesus Christ” He lifted his face and placed his nose at the side of hers.”I fucking need it.”

Okay now that we have all agreed that we all have a new book boyfriend named Wes Carter we can happily conclude this review by saying that this is hands down one AWESOME book and you should definitely pick this up.

This can be read as a standalone. It has no cliff-hangers. The novella is just an extension for those who want more and the second book is a spin-off concentrating on Carter’s friend Max O’Hare.

Seriously what are you waiting for? Get on with it and I will see you next time! BYE!

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