Book Review: Love My Way by Katie Sterritt

Prepared to be blown away and left speechless when you read Love My Way by Katie Sterritt. If you are looking for a unique love story to fall in love with then this is the one for you. I have so much respect for the author for having the courage to step outside the lines and writing this wonderful yet heartbreaking novel.

“You’re my shining light whenever the world is dark.” He placed his hand over my heart. “Never let your light die because it’s going to brighten more than just my world.”

Now, before I get any further into this review, I want to make two things very clear to you.
1. Take my word for it and believe that this is NOT a love triangle romance and there is no cheating involved.
2. Do NOT, I repeat, do not, under any circumstances, spoil yourself while reading this book.
I’ll be honest with you guys here. This is going to be a relatively short review. If I attempt to tell you anything about this book, I’ll spoil you one way or the other. Since I really do not want that to happen, I will simply tell you how much I loved this book and how much I really want you guys to read it.

“Ki,” I said, waiting until he faced me.
“What?” He met my gaze.
“I’m really glad you found me.”
The corner of his mouth curled into a smile. “I didn’t know you were lost.”
“Neither did I.”

I’m not going to sugarcoat this. This book will straight up break your heart little by little, that will start to mend before shattering to pieces again. I am not kidding. It had me choked up with emotions and brought tears to my eyes. That does not happen to me often, mind you. 
I cried for the characters. I fell in love with them. My heart broke alongside theirs. 
It is honestly such a beautiful story, I can’t tell you enough. 
I have mixed feelings about the ending though. It is an HEA but I hate what happened to one of the main characters and I wish things were different. Even now, thinking about it makes my heart ache. *sigh*
This book is about loving and losing and finding love all over again. It’s about learning to forgive yourself and others while trying to move on from the past and coming to peace with it. It’s about giving your heart to someone so much that you don’t have any left for yourself. 

“You didn’t paint a broken heart, did you, Emerson?”
I stare into his emerald eyes and know he gets it.
“You painted wings.”
I nod slowly, gritting my teeth. “I forgot how to fly.”
“Something tells me it’s coming back to you.”

4.5/5 stars
I’m sorry that this review is so over the place but I really do hope you guys give this novel a read and love it as much as I do. Let me know if you have read this or not and what you thought of it.
Until then keep reading and be awesome! xx

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