Book Review: Lawn Boys by K. Webster

I’m addicted to Anthony Blakely. It’s an addiction I’ll never quit.

Right off the bat, I want to warn you that this might be a book not everyone will enjoy or open up to. Lawn Boys is a short contemporary standalone, that follows a relationship between an older woman and a boy (legal) half her age, with a hint of threesome elements.

The hottest women in town, Stephanie is successful and independent yet still grieving the loss of her first love and deserves a second chance at love.

I kiss him with words I cannot say. Gratitude. Satisfaction. Need. I’ve not felt strongly enough about any man until Anthony came along and lit a fire under me. Now, all I do is burn for him.

Anthony is the only man who made her feel this way till now, and she can’t seem to get enough even knowing how wrong it is. But why does it feel so right? 
Too bad he doesn’t care what is wrong and what is right. Stephanie is what Anthony wants. Even at 18, he is all man and he takes every chance he gets to show her. 

“I don’t see age with you, teacup. I only see you. Beautiful. Funny as fuck. Genuine and sweet.”

As I mentioned before, this will not be everyone’s cup of tea and that is perfectly okay. I, myself, enjoyed it quite a lot and I will say, despite the taboo trope, it is not cringe-worthy at all. And once I started, I found it really hard to put it down.
The romance between our two main characters itself was super cute and not to mention how hot they are together! 

“I’m a grandma.” 
His chuckling has me glaring at him. “What?”
“A G.I.L.F.”
“A grandma you’d like to fuck?” I screech. “You’re twisted. You know that, Anthony Blakely?” 
His laughter is sexy. Throaty and deep. God, this man-boy does things to me. 
“I call it like it is, Greenwood.”

And yes, I mentioned two characters instead of three as the blurb insinuates, because Aiden (the other twin) shares only two short intimate moments with Stephane before he backs away from what is only Anthony’s.
To really critic this book, I would say that bringing in Aiden in between was not necessary but I do understand why the author did it. By doing so, we get a hint of what is going on in Aiden’s life and a sweet teaser of what is to come. It also shows that Stephanie isn’t just a plaything to conquer and that he really is committed to her.

I’m panting and breathless and overwhelmed with pleasure. His body is dominating mine, but it’s my heart that’s wanting to step up to bat and play games it doesn’t have any business playing with someone half my age.

Nevertheless, Lawn Boys by K. Webster is well written and engaging. The characters are also very well written and lovable. K. Webster really proves that age is just a number and love has no boundaries.
4 Stars!

**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**

What is your favorite trope to read? Let me know in the comments. 
Until then, keep reading and be awesome! xx

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