Book Review: If You Were Mine by Melanie Harlow

If You Were Mine by Melanie Harlow is a sweet and romantic story that had me going “aww” and smiling like a fool throughout.

Claire has a problem. She needs to find a fake boyfriend to accompany her to her colleague’s wedding after she found herself lying about her date just to get away from sitting at the single’s table. Having no other option, she takes her up her friend’s advice to rent a date. Many searches later, she stumbles upon where she can select any guy of her choice and pay him to pretend he is madly in love with him for a couple of hours. Here, she finds Fred and they agree to meet to figure the rest of the details. Only Fred doesn’t turn out to be the blond, blue-eyed man she was expecting. In fact, his name isn’t even Fred!

Theo carries a lot of baggage and has had a very rough childhood. With both his parents leaving him and his elder brother, he doesn’t trust people to stay. So he doesn’t let them close enough to hurt him when they do leave. But even then, he can’t help but let Claire get under his skin.
Their attraction was immediate and undeniable, their chemistry off the charts! But that wasn’t supposed to happen! Things were supposed to stay professional between them, it was only supposed to be one night.

This is the first book of Melanie Harlow that I have read and OH. MY. GOSH! I am seriously in love with her writing! It is beautiful. Her writing makes you FEEL. What started off as a light-hearted romance, turned out to be a deep story about healing and learning how to trust and while reading it, I felt all the emotions of both the characters.

Theo was dealing with so much hurt and anger. With all the baggage he was carrying from his past to his regret and guilt about his actions. Not to mention his fear of him not being good enough for Claire but loving her too much to let her go. While most of this would be annoying and mainstream, the author’s words made you feel for him and understand his pain.

There was so much character development from both Claire and Theo which I thought was beautifully done. With Claire learning to take risks and taking chances and Theo learning to let go of his fears and letting Claire in.

With that being said, this book isn’t all serious and intense. I loved the sexy and fun banter between Claire and Theo. Not to mention the heat and passion that ignites when they’re in the same room!! And while Theo believes he is not good enough, he is honestly one of the best men I have read about in a while. His relationship with his three adorable young nieces made my ovaries combust and how he took care of his sister-in-law made my heart happy. And boy, does this man know how to win a woman’s heart through grand gestures!! Ugh, I can’t get enough of him! I can’t even tell you how happy the epilogue made me!! *SWOON*

Suffice to say I freaking LOVED this novel. And although there are two more books that take place before this, (about Claire’s two best friends) this can totally be read as a standalone.

5 Stars

Which website do I sign up to get a Theo for myself? *wink*

Until then keep reading and be awesome! xx


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