Book Review: Finn (All In #2) by Liz Meldon

Finn is the first book in the new erotic All In trilogy by Liz Meldon. It’s a short and sweet novella that is packed with an out of this world sexy bathroom scene. *Fans herself*

Skye just graduated from college and is on the job hunt. She is also a sugar baby who has a secret crush on her sugar daddy, Cole but is afraid that it’s only one-sided. But, when Cole sends her a new dress asking her to wear something sexy underneath, Skye starts raising her hope that Cole will finally make a move.

Not too long after, her hope deflates drastically when she realizes that Cole brought her to a sex party only to leave her alone to entertain herself. Stomaching her disappointed, she downs several glasses of red wine and finds entertainment in the form of dark and sexy, Finn, king of chocolates. The Knight for the damsel in distress. 

I have never read any of Liz’s work before and I am so glad I picked this up! I fell in love with her writing and her tendency of having plot twists and ending on a cliffhanger is growing on me! It keeps you at the very edge of your seat, desperate to know what happens next and therefore have you addicted. I loved all the main characters, they are so damn fascinating and even the cat is too awesome to not love! 

Obviously, I freaking loved this novella and devoured it in one sitting. I simply can’t wait to continue and see what happens further down the line. Something tells me things are only going to get better and hotter! *Wink, wink* 

Go give it a read and tell me what you think!

Until then keep reading and be awesome! xx

4.5 Stars

1. This is not a love triangle!
2. While I was sent the ARC of Cole (All In #2), I did not receive the ARC for Finn. 

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