Book Review: Our Alternate Ending by Katie Fox

Be prepared to get your heart ripped out with Katie Fox’s newest release, Our Alternate Ending. But trust me, every second of it is worth it.

Elle Callihan is having the worst day of her life on the biggest day of her life. Her big interview in Caldwell Publishing is her only chance at making her big dream come true, and turning her life around and giving back to her parents. With a broken heel and coffee stained blouse, she finally stumbles into her interview with Owen Caldwell.

Despite his initial brushoff that he gave Elle, Owen instantly regrets his decision to reject her. He feels like there is something in her that he needs. Now that he has a new assistant, he has the cold hard realization that he underestimated Elle to a whole new level. Elle is so much more than what he first thought, and definitely has a lot more talent and compassion than her ‘coffee fetching’ skills. He finally found someone that meets him word for word, and puts him into his place.

Owen soon realizes that what he fears the most is quickly becoming his reality. He’s falling for her. That’s something he cannot afford. Because he knows that Elle deserves way more than what he can give her.

Working so close together, their attraction towards each other is undeniable, but soon a beautiful friendship blossoms between them, making it harder day by day to resist.

As I said before, towards the last couple of chapters, my eyes burned with unshed tears, and my throat was clogged with emotions. I was praying against all hope that it wouldn’t end the way I was scared it would, until the second last chapter where I was an emotional mess, my heart broken for both the characters.

I really was not expecting the book to turn out the way that it did. But their story is truly a beautiful one. The ending was perfect. Absolutely perfect. It made me cry too. But for a different reason. They were happy tears, I promise!

Well, to sum up, I want to say that you should REALLY pick this up and read it. I enjoyed it a lot and I have no doubt that you all will too.

*I want to thank Katie Fox for personally reaching out to me with an ARC of Our Alternate Ending. I willingly accepted it in exchange for an honest review.*

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