A book club for all romance readers!

We pick a book to read every month and then at the end of the month we will discuss what we read. Okay, let’s be honest. We’ll be fangirling about our new book boyfriends ♥️

If that seems like something you would like, feel free to join us!

There are no hard and fast rules here. We understand that life gets busy so it’s absolutely okay if you can’t participate every month.
We created this group just to have a safe place where we can be our own bookish self and enjoy what we love doing the most!!!

Hope you decide to join, we love having our bookish family grow. ♥️


Having a shared love for all happily ever after, we take part in various trivia and fun polls! From gushing about hot fictional characters to having book boyfriend battles, we have created a great group of friends. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Where you can find us: